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claims and Returns

Buyer's Remorse- customer changed their mind, no longer needed, not as pictured, cancellation:

  • Buyer’s Remorse returns are to be reported within 30 days of receiving the item per carrier’s delivery date.Β 
  • Dealer/Customer is responsible for paying and scheduling the return shipping. (Return rate quotes are available upon request.)Β 
  • The item should be undamaged, uninstalled, and unaltered with its original packaging.Β 
  • Once returned and the inspection determines the item(s) is:
  • Undamaged: a credit will be issued less a 20% restocking fee of item cost.Β 
    1. Damaged (our carrier): a claim will be filed with the carrier. Credit will be based on the claim’s outcome. Claim resolution can take up to 30-180 days.
    2. Damaged (your carrier): no credit will be issued, we will notify you with pictures and the carrier will have 2 weeks to pick up the damaged item (from date of notification), otherwise the item will be disposed of.Β 

    Defect- A defect return is conditional/case by case situation. Pictures are required before we can validate if it’s a true defect:

    True Defect Return:

    • If the defect is apparent in the pictures provided at time of reporting the defect (within 30 days of receiving product), credit is usually offered to keep as is or an approval may be provided for return of defected unit.Β 
    • Silkroad Exclusive will handle the defect return shipment of the unit. Once returned, a credit will be issued for the unit cost and original shipping cost.

    Unable To Determine Defect Return:

    • If the defect is not apparent in pictures provided at time of reporting the defect, the case would be similar to a buyer's remorse return; the Dealer/Customer would be responsible for paying/scheduling the return shipping.Β 
    • Upon receiving the unit back to our warehouse, the unit will be inspected. If the unit passes inspection as undamaged and the defect is confirmed, a credit will be issued for the unit cost and original/return shipping. (If vendor used their own carrier for shipping, a copy of the bill will be needed in order to provide a credit)
    • If upon inspection the unit is found damaged, no credit will be issued and the vendor/customer will need to file a claim with their carrier.Β 
    • If upon inspection the unit is found undamaged and the defect is not valid, the case will be classified as a buyer's remorse return (a credit issued for unit only less 20% restocking and/or processing fee).Β 
    • Please note: A defect does not include damages, damages in transit, mishandling the product, altering the item, and/or neglected care.Β 

    Concealed Damage- damages found after delivery are conditional/case by case:

    With proper notations made onto the POD (Proof of Delivery)

    • POD must have proper notation/remark. For Example; holes on box, crushed corner, dents, torn box… etc.Β 
    • Claim must be reported within the required time frame (24-48 hours after receiving the item)
    • Pictures of outside packaging and damaged vanity are required
    • Replacement will be sent after damaged item is picked up.

    Without proper notations made onto the POD (Proof of Delivery)

    • POD has no notation/remark (note: when signing the POD, you are stating to the carrier that you have received the item in prefect condition)
    • A claim will be filed with the carrier but no offer of resolution will be provided at that time as the vendor/customer would need to out wait the claim.Β 
    • Vendor will have to take responsibility per their customer’s request, if they cannot wait until the claim is resolved for refund/replacement.Β 

    Refused Due To Damaged- item arrived damaged at time of delivery and shipment was refused:

    • Make proper notation of damage on POD before refusing.Β 
    • Make sure to confirm there is visible damage at time of delivery (i.e. can see hole/crack in vanity through hole from outside of box, stone top is visibly damaged, etc).Β 
    • If the box is damaged but there are no damages to the vanity, this would be considered as a buyer’s remorse return.
    • Report the refused damaged within the time frame (24-48 hours) and a claim will be filed.Β 
    • Resolution on this type of return can be made immediately or within a few days. (replacement or refund)

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