Scented Shower Head Filter


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Color: Lavender
Molaix, LLC, Bathroom Accessories, Columbia, SC
Product Parameter

 Product name: shower purifier

 Filter element: PP cotton

 Size: 15*4.4cm

 Fragrance: As the picture shows

 Function: filter aromatherapy



Our product has natural Vitamin C, snail slime, natural plant essential oil, and calcium sulfide filter stone which is helpful to moisturize and whiten skin and remove dead skin cells without feeling skin dryness or tightness.


When your skin absorbs Vitamin C, the collagen layer helps to regenerate the skin. This is helpful in the reduction of wrinkles, the improving of pigmentation due to lifeless skin, freckles, and blemishes, and making your skin tone clean and clear.

Built-in filter filters impurities and heavy metal substances in tap water. With moisturizing and nutritious elements added to the water, relieving dry skin troubles can be achievable.

Our product creates the best scent that you can ever experience when taking a shower with the help of professional perfumers. This scent therapy reduces tension in the mind and body and helps relieve stress and fatigue. In addition, you can experience an aromatic bathroom without extra air fresheners.



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